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Adonis catfish

Adonis Catfish

Latin name - Acanthicus adonis

This incredibly spiny Catfish comes from a wide area of the Amazon, and must have very few if any predators by the time it reaches adulthood.

In spite of its appearance it is not a predator, but is an omnivore with rasping teeth with which it scrapes at almost any type of food it comes across.

It particularly enjoys fruits and vegetables, but will also enjoy a prawn or mussel if it can get to one before any other fish.

It is territorial and aggressive, making it impossible to keep more than one in anything but an extremely large aquarium.

It is a fish that has to be handled with care if it needs to be moved, as it is capable of causing quite nasty injuries to hands with the spines covering its body and fins.

Further Information

More detailed information about this fish can be found on the Acanthicus adonispage on the Fishbase web site.