Bolton Library and Museum Services

CD Resources

We are gradually acquiring a number of sources related to family history research on CD-ROM.
At present these include the following records:

  • Index of Census Returns for Devon, Norfolk and Warwickshire, 1851.
  • Index to Griffith’s Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864.
  • 1881 Census for the British Isles
  • Index of Soldiers and Officers who Died in the Great War.
  • Index of Soldiers and Officers who Died in the Second World War
  • Index of Place Names (compiled by Office of National Statistics).
  • Index of Surnames and Street Names for the 1891 Census for Bolton
  • The 1891 Census for Lancashire
  • Dictionary of 19th and 20th Century Occupational Terms.
  • Little Lever Congregational/United Reform Church MIs
  • 1855 Slater’s Directory of Lancashire
  • 1869 Slater’s Directory of Lancashire
  • 1822 Pigot’s Lancashire Directory
  • The New Lancashire Gazetteer or Topographical Dictionary 1830
  • Prestwich Asylum-An Index to Admissions 1851-1901
  • The Deserters Index 1828-1840
  • Vital Records Index for North America 1631-1888
  • Vital Records Index for Australia 1788-1905
  • Vital Records Index for British Isles 1538-1888
  • Genealogical Research Directory 1990-1999