Bolton Library and Museum Services

Archives Collecting Policy

The Archive and Local Studies Service will continue to collect all types of archives and local studies material without regard to format, language or date of production or publication, by purchase, donation and deposit provided that these fall within the stated areas of interest.

Area of Local Interest

The area of local interest with regard to the collection of archives and local studies material is defined as all parts of Bolton Metropolitan Borough.

Some classes of material, relating to places outside the modern boundaries of the Borough will continue to be collected.
With regard to local studies material, this will include books, articles, pamphlets, photographs, maps and plans relating to Anglezarke, Rivington, North Turton and Little Hulton, which were formerly within the ancient boundaries of Bolton-le-Moors and Deane.

The collecting policy also includes representative material from other countries with which Bolton has had significant contact either as a place of origin for larger ethnic communities or as a twinned town.

Additionally, in order to preserve archival integrity, archives and records relating to areas outside Bolton Metropolitan Borough may also be collected. This will normally apply in cases where, although the main provenance of an archive lies within the Borough, component parts of it have a wider significance.

Ethnic minority communities material under represented

There is a gap in the archive and local studies collections of material from Bolton's ethnic minority communities.  This will be addressed through publicity, appeals and through a programme of improved service delivery for ethnic groups in line with Bolton MBC's Valuing Diversity programme.

Work is ongoing to identify other gaps in the collections and these will be addressed appropriately.

In order to preserve information for future generations, archives and local studies material will be collected which has, either for statutory reasons or because of the specific requirements of a vendor, donor or depositor, a designated period of closure or restricted conditions of public access.

Working in conjunction with the Museum collection

The Archive and Local Studies Service will co-operate closely with Bolton Museum in order to avoid duplication of effort and to extend and enhance all our collections.

The Service will also work closely with libraries, archive repositories and other bodies, including the Greater Manchester County Record Office, Lancashire Record Office and the Archives and Local Studies Service of other Greater Manchester districts with regard to the collection of archives and local studies material.

Vendors, donors and depositors offering us material outside of our area of interest will be urged to pass such material on to a more appropriate library or archive repository

Refusal of material

The Archive and Local Studies Service will refuse purchases, donations and deposits of material which fall outside its area of interest, or where it is the professional opinion of the Local Studies Librarian or Archivist that the material is inappropriate for permanent preservation, or where such acquisitions would threaten the principles of archival integrity and respect of provenance, or where there are grounds to believe that the vendor, donor or depositor does not have the legal right to dispose of the material in question.

Special formats such as video or film may be transferred to specialist repositories with the agreement of the donor/depositor.