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Ballads and Songs of Peterloo by Dr Alison Morgan

An image of the book cover of Dr Alison Morgan's book 'Ballads and Songs of Peterloo'.




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    Ballads and Songs of Peterloo by Dr Alison Morgan

    Dr Alison Morgan’s talk focuses on the ballads and songs of Peterloo, with live music of the period performed by Pete Coe and Brian Peters. Dr Morgan has a unique collection of more than seventy poems and ballads which highlight the outrage, grief, defiance and resolution felt by labouring-class people in the immediate aftermath of the Peterloo Massacre in which eighteen people were killed and more than 600 injured as they listened to the radical Henry Hunt speak on the need for electoral reform. Pete and Brian are professional folk singers and multi-instrumentalists who have been presenting traditional songs and music at concerts for many years. They both have roots in the North West and researched many songs from 18th and 19th century broadside ballad sheets. They are particularly pleased to be working with Alison Morgan’s collection of Peterloo ballads taking them from the printed page to contemporary performance.

    Fri 21 June , 7pm to 9pm

    Admission: FREE