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Aquarium at Home

What's going on in the Aquarium?

Even though our buildings aren't open at the moment our fish in the aquarium still need looking after.

Have a look what's been going on this week. 



Pete guides you through some tanks in the aquarium corridor, have you seen these fish before?


The Peruvian and Indian tanks get one of their favourite foods... blood worms!


The sting rays get a broad range of foods, prawns, small crabs, crayfish, shrimps, worms, clams, mussels, small fish and pieces of fish. In this video they're being fed chunks of blue whiting.

We do a lot of research into the natural diet of our fish and use specialist suppliers to replicate this to the best of our ability. Bolton Markets is a great source of foods for our fish also.


There are signs that there could soon be some baby fish appearing! The cichlids are showing spawning activity in the Costa Rica tank whist over in the Amazon tank two geophagus sveni are showing courtship behaviour! 


We have 3 South American Red Bellied Piranhas in the aquarium. Their teeth are extremely strong and sharp, and the jaw muscles are powerful, allowing them to quickly bite off a large piece of flesh and then retreat.

Many people think piranhas will devour a human in seconds but this is far from the truth, though they will bite! Most injuries occur when Piranha are caught by humans as food and only then if they are handled carelessly.



Are you missing the stingrays as much as we are? Luckily Pete is keeping us up to date with what's happening in the aquarium. Today they are being fed raw shell-on prawns!



Our Indian display is one of the favourites for many of the staff here, including our resident fish geek, Pete.

Although it took a lot of research, hard work, bruises and wet clothes to build, it's a living picture full of movement and colour.