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Museum Top 10; Number 10 - Jango the Tuojiangosaurus


What's the Heaviest Object in Bolton's Museum?


The Douglas and Scott Collection

We have thousands of insects in the museum collection and a lot of them are very old. With the help of one of our volunteers we've been busy transferring these specimens into better storage drawers. This will preserve them for future researchers in years to come.



The Musgrove Archive and the Hafod-Morfa Ironworks

Find out how one of our Archive collections is bringing an important industrial heritage site in Wales back to life!


Learn about our Viking Mouse!

This is the story of our Viking Mouse and his missing ear...


Museum Top 10; Number 9 - Nearing Camp by Thomas Moran



How we built Bolton's Egypt



Madame Giradelli, the Celebrated Fire-Proof Female

Find out more about this incredible lady depicted in an image from our collection of Georgian prints here.


Museum Top 10; Number 8 - The African Elephant



The Conservation of La Madeleine Bone Carving Plaster Casts

See how one of our La Madeleine bone carving plaster casts has been repaired by conservator Pierrette.

The site in France where the original carvings came from was the first place this type of art was found. This cast was acquired from the British museum in 1907 so at 113 years old it's now an antique in it's own right!


Do You Remember Monty the Mantis?

Monty the Mantis was a European mantis (Mantis religiosa Linnaeus, 1758) who sneaked her way into a suitcase and travelled back to Bolton from Turkey! Luckily our Natural History curator Don gave her a good home and she would make special appearances for our visitors.

A Mantis has an enormous appetite. They will eat most other live insects and catch their pray using pure force as they have no venom. They have 5 eyes ( 2 large eyes with 3 inbetween) and females can have up to 1000 babies!


The Tale of a Bowl Reunited

This dish is the most recent addition to the Bolton's Egypt Collection.
Carved from steatite, it dates to the New Kingdom, around 3500 years ago. Look closely and you’ll see it is broken into two pieces, right through the lion’s head.

The smaller piece was given to Bolton by Tamworth Castle Museum in 1989. The larger piece was discovered in a private collection in Germany in 2018, once belonging to Rev William MacGregor. Much of his collection was sold at Sotheby’s in 1922 at which point the two pieces must have become separated.

They were reunited after the larger fragment came up for sale at Bonhams in 2019. It was purchased by a consortium of donors and donated to Bolton in memory of V. Anthony Donohue, a good friend to the Bolton’s Egypt collection.
Find out the full story in this article by Egyptologist Tom Hardwick.


William Heath's March of Intellect, 1829

William Heath's visions of the future, taken from our recent exhibition of Georgian prints.


Museum Top 10; Number 7 - Bolton's Egypt and the Unknown Man

For this week's entry we tell you about Ancient Egyptian mummies and the 'Unknown man'!



The Tomb of Tuthmoses III

Journey to the afterlife in this animated amduat from the tomb of Thutmose III, bringing to life the 3450 year old tomb decoration.


A Child Convict - a story from Bolton Archives

5 year old transported for 10 years for pick pocketing!

Have you found any interesting stories whilst researching your family tree?

Our Archives hold many records that tell the stories of Bolton people. This example is a Court Indictment File from January 1840. James Costello pleaded guilty to picking the pocket of a Rachael Duckworth and as it wasn't his first offence he was sent to Tasmania for 10 years.

We've managed to trace his journey through Ancestry and help from Port Arthur Historical Site Tasmania who sent us lots of information to build a full picture of James.

Find out the full story here.

Schools @ Home - Bolton's Egypt Timeline

This video is based on the beginning to our Ancient Egyptian session for schools and the first in a series of posts designed to help children learning at home. Using our young guides, we will take you on a journey back in time showing children key points in history and the beginnings of civilisation in Ancient Egypt. If you watch until the end, we even give you some objects to spot in the museum the next time you are able to visit us!


A Tale of Two Armours

Here is the fascinating story of two amazing suits of armour from hugely different cultures!


Museum Top 10; Number 6 - The Brown Bear

 We've had the bear on loan from Manchester Museum since our new Nature Gallery opened in 2018.


Bolton's Journey -  A 'Now and Then' Trip through Bolton by bicycle

Here's our popular past and present streets video from the Bolton's History Gallery. 


The Amarna Princess

Who is the Amarna Princess and why is she so desirable? Find out in our video!





Around the World Week - Looking Again at Netsuke with Matthew Watson

Find out about these fascinating minature sculptures from Japan! To read a transcript of the talk please click here