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Outside at Home

Spring is a magical time of the year as birds, flowers and plants burst back into life.

Stay positive; embrace the warmer weather, the longer days and all things green!


Top tips for Bolton; Outside at Home

What you can do in your own home or garden!


How to do a Bug Hunt @ Home

Don shows you how to do a bug hunt at home! All you need is an old food tray or container to collect bits of old leaves, sticks and soil, give them a shake and see what comes out.



I Spy Challenge!

Natural History curator Don has set you a challenge to find these things by looking out of your window, in the garden or whilst out for your daily exercise! How many can you spy?



 The Hedgehog @ Home

About this time of year hedgehogs are coming out of hibernation and starting to get more active. If you’ve got the right kind of garden you may be lucky enough to see hedgehogs going about their business. Watch this guide to making your garden welcoming to these prickly friends.

Watch out for some covert footage of a hedgehog exploring a Westhoughton garden!


Want to find out more? This resource has some great websites you can visit.