Bolton Library and Museum Services

Journals and Periodicals

Central Library

At the Central Library we make available a number of newspapers and magazines for reading within the library.

Current issues are available on the display racks in the Central Library. Previous editions are kept in in the Central Book Store. If you would like to look at back copies of any of our current newspapers or magazines, please ask a member of staff.

A list of the publications we have and how long we keep them for is available below.

Closed Runs

These are publications which are no longer taken by the library or have ceased publication, but are retained for their information value. Editions of these publications are held in the Special Periodicals Collection and can only be viewed in the Bolton History Centre.

Specific areas of interest in this collection are historic art journals, an almost complete run of The Gentleman's Magazine and numerous learned society transactions. Please ask a member of staff about access to our Closed Runs.

Bolton Central Library Holdings List

Community Libraries

Each of the Commmunity Libraries receives a copy of the Bolton News daily and all except Blackrod and Little Lever also provide access to the Jobs NorthWest weekly publication.